February hockey starts Thursday

We start our final calendar month of the outdoor hockey season this week (most likely). We’ve had some new skaters join us recently—Clay, Joanna, Sam, another Ben, and Santos. We’ve had some great skates, and the ice at North Dale lately has been perfect. Thanks to Tristan, Ben, Mekhi, and Isabel for fighting through snow to skate last night. Ben, Mekhi, and I got a good section of the rink shoveled and we had good game that my side lost.

This week we will skate Thursday night, but not Saturday morning. It is Johnson-Como Hockey Day at North Dale, so the rinks will be busy all day.

Farmer’s Almanac 2-Month Weather Forecast

Map showing long-range weather ragion

FEBRUARY 2011: temperature 9 ° (1 ° above avg.; precipitation 1″ (1″ below avg.); Feb 1-5: Rain and snow, then sunny, mild; Feb 6-14: Snow showers, then sunny, bitter cold; Feb 15-19: Flurries, milder; Feb 20-22: Rain and snow showers, mild; Feb 23-28: Snowstorm, then sunny, cold.

MARCH 2011: temperature 25 ° (2 ° below avg.); precipitation 1″ (0.5″ below avg.); Mar 1-8: Sunny, warm; Mar 9-14: Showers, mild; Mar 15-21: Snowstorm, then sunny, cold; Mar 22-25: Showers, mild; Mar 26-31: Snow showers, cold.

We’ve been fairly lucky with weather so far (one rain out, one chill out), so let’s see how accurate the Farmer’s Almanac proves to be. If you are ever unsure about a weather cancellation, just call 651-327-0758 for a recorded message.


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