Get free hockey gear Saturday at the Xcel Center

If you plan to skate with Saint Paul Hockey Club this winter and you don’t mind waiting in line a while, get to the Xcel Center this Saturday morning to pickup free gear.

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Pre-Owned Equipment to be Given Away this Saturday, October 6 at Xcel Energy Center
The distribution of thousands of pieces of equipment will take place at the Xcel Energy Center on a first-come, first-serve basis

What you need

Essentials for Saint Paul Hockey Club are:

  • a helmet with a mask
  • a stick
  • skates
  • shin pads

What else you might want

Other gear to look for includes:

  • elbow pads
  • hockey gloves
  • breezers (hockey pants)
  • hockey socks

Able to carry more?

Some items Saint Paul Hockey Club could use:

  • extras of any of the items in the essentials list above
  • goalie mask/helmets
  • goalie arm pads
  • goalie neck deflectors