Ice is coming soon

And with that, a new season of Saint Paul Hockey Club.

With no Mighty Kids program this season, we are going to split our 2 nights a week into Monday nights for experienced skaters and Wednesday nights for beginners. That will give us a chance to concentrate on teaching skating and hockey to the beginners.

Then we’ll have Saturday mornings for everyone to get together and play hockey.

As always, parents are welcome to skate and play with us any time.

We hope to get started December 12 and are trying to coordinate a time before we start for kids to check out gear to use for the season.

We should have everything put together by December 1. Stay tuned!

Please let me know if you are able to help in any way as we get ready for our second season!

—Coach Terry

p.s. We got a little write up on a new youth hockey website. See: Back to the basics with the St. Paul Hockey Club on