No hockey tonight, Thursday, February 17

We’ll save the suspense today and officially cancel for tonight early in the day, since we are headed to 50 degrees and it hasn’t been below freezing since early Wednesday.

Hockey is cancelled for tonight

The good news for us is that the  forecast for Friday is below freezing all day long. That should give us good ice for Saturday morning. It’s possible though that the ice will be frozen, but not suitable for skating—bumps, cracks, ridges, etc. In that case, we will play some boot hockey. Please have the kids bring/wear their regular gear Saturday morning, but also put them in boots (like they would wear to play in the snow or go sledding). Boot hockey is fun too! If you have any other information about the conditions at North Dale, please email or call 651-327-0758 to report in. I hope to see everybody Saturday morning to play some hockey from 11 am to 1 pm.