Heat wave!

I don’t think any of us thought last Monday night in the 15-below wind chill that a week later we might not have ice, but that sun is one powerful ball of fire. Ben and I stopped by North Dale Sunday afternoon and found two of the rinks were all water, and the refrigerated rink was mostly slushy with a few puddles.

We took the nets off the refrigerated rink and hopefully they stay off through the day Monday.

I’ll check the rink Monday night and make a decision by 6 pm. You should call 651-327-0758 to find out if we will be skating. If it’s as warm Monday as it was Sunday, most likely we will cancel.

Call 651-327-0758 for cancellation status

Click Call Me above and enter your phone number and it will call you and connect you to the Saint Paul Hockey Club status message.

Check out this recap video from Saturday’s Hockey Day Minnesota

Even way up in Moorhead they had trouble keeping ice this weekend.