After all that football, don’t forget hockey tonight

Just a quick reminder that we skate tonight at 6:30 pm at North Dale. Last Monday’s turnout was quite light, so I’m sending this reminder.

Also, there are lines on the rink now, so maybe we can do some fun new activities with those.

I’d like to see all the kids wearing shin pads. If anyone has some extras to donate, that’d be great. I have extra breezers, hockey gloves, and there’s still one pair of elbow pads in the big red bag that I always bring. Help yourself if you want to use any of that gear. I picked up a couple decent pair of skates this weekend too, they need sharpening, but if you have a friend who needs skates, maybe they’ll fit.

See you tonight!

Checkout this outdoor hockey tourney in Canada

I wish we could get some pipers on the ice with us!