Wrist shot technique video

Here’s a good explanation of wrist shot technique from hockeyshare.com



  • Blade flat on the ice
  • Puck on the heel of the blade
  • Hands shoulder width apart
  • Bring the puck behind your back foot — keeping the blade facing straight at the net
  • Transfer your weight to your back foot (load your weight up) — generate power from your lower body
  • Look to your target
  • Open your hips and point your front foot to the net
  • Push the puck straight forward, keeping it on the heel of the stick until it reaches your front foot
  • When the puck reaches your front foot, roll your wrists over until your blade is facing the ice
  • Finish your follow through by aiming your stick to where you’re shooting

Common Mistakes

  • Puck starting in the middle of the blade or on the toe
  • Not rolling the wrists completely over (stick blade not closed, facing the ice)
  • Front foot not facing the net
  • Head down when shooting
  • Improper (or no) weight transfer (trying to generate power from upper body instead of lower body)
  • Hands too close or too far apart

Original post on hockeyshare.com